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Inside the Q2 2019 Data Digest Report

  • Top Apps by Downloads Worldwide and in the U.S., and by App Store and Google Play for Q2 2019 
  • Top Games for Q2 2019 by Downloads
  • Top Performing Publishers & App Performance by Category
  • Country App Downloads with Year-Over-Year Performance
  • Special Analysis on the State of Battle Royale Games, Social Video Apps including TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, and AR Games including Pokemon Go and Harry Potter

About Store Intelligence

Store Intelligence offers unparalleled analysis of App Store and Google Play downloads, and revenue estimates for millions of apps, thousands of publishers, and all major countries and categories.

Jump into the top Apps and publishers across app store by absolute performance or week over week growth. Check off the fastest-growing apps in your vertical and send them over to App Analysis for a deeper dive or comparison between apps.


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